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30 Days Free Returns

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12-Month Warranty

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Enjoy Marked-Down Prices on Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets in Canada

Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are considered some of the best on the market, and it's easy to see why. They offer a high-quality, versatile, and portable device that combines the productivity and power of a laptop with the convenience and portability of a tablet. Discover unbeatable deals on new and refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro tablets at Reebelo Canada. Choose from a vast selection, all with a 12-month warranty and the peace of mind that comes with our 14-day free return policy.

Does the Surface Pro work well as a tablet?

The Microsoft Surface Pro is designed to work as both a tablet and a laptop and is well-regarded for its versatility and performance in both modes. The tablet has a sleek, lightweight design and a high-resolution touchscreen display, making it easy to use. Additionally, the optional Surface Pro Type Cover keyboard and Surface Pen provide a whole laptop-like experience, making the Surface Pro suitable for various tasks, from media consumption to productivity. Overall, the Surface Pro is an excellent choice for those who want a device that can function as a tablet and a laptop.

Can the Microsoft Surface Pro replace a laptop?

The Microsoft Surface Pro can be an excellent replacement for a traditional laptop for some people, as it offers the versatility of a tablet and the functionality of a laptop in one device. The Surface Pro has a powerful processor, a high-resolution display, and the option to add a keyboard and stylus to make it a full-fledged laptop. It also runs on the full version of Windows 10, giving users access to the same apps and software they would have on a laptop. Additionally, the Surface Pro has a long battery life and is lightweight, making it an attractive option for people who want the convenience of a tablet with the productivity of a laptop. However, it's important to note that not all users will find the Surface Pro a suitable replacement for a laptop, as its performance and features may not meet their specific needs.

Which Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is most popular?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is currently one of the most popular Surface Pro tablets. Its fan-favourite design, powerful performance, and a range of new features make it an attractive option for personal and professional use. Other popular models of the Surface Pro tablet include the Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 6, and Surface Pro 5. The popularity of each model varies based on factors such as region, demand, and latest releases.

Are Microsoft Surface Pro tablets compatible with a stylus or pen?

Yes, Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are compatible with a stylus or pen. The Surface Pro tablet is designed to work with the Microsoft Surface Pen, providing a natural and accurate writing and drawing experience. The Surface Pen is compatible with all Surface Pro tablets, including the Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, and Surface Pro 6. With the Surface Pen, you can take notes, sketch, or draw easily, making it an excellent option for artists, students, and professionals who need a portable and versatile computing device.

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